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Virtual Press Room

​Welcome to the virtual press room of ISTH 2022

​The ISTH welcomes the interest of press covering thrombotic and bleeding disorders and is happy to provide assistance to journalists attending the Congress or using the Congress website as a resource in their coverage. We will have an onsite press room in London dedicated to helping journalists get the resources they need as well as conduct interviews with key leadership and global experts. 

Overall Regulations: Any media outlet or press representative (journalists, reporters, photographers, etc.) wishing to participate an ISTH event and/or to obtain official press releases from the ISTH Press Office must adhere to the ISTH Media and Embargo Policy.

To register for a press credential, please contact: 

Melissa DiMercurio
ISTH 2022 Media Manager 

​Visiting the Press Room In-Person? See Site Map Below

ISTH 2022 Official Press Releases


ISTH 2022 Press Packet for Download


Media Policy

  • Any media outlet or press representative wishing to attend an ISTH Event and/or to obtain official press releases from the ISTH Press Office must commit to respecting any and all embargoes set by the ISTH.

  • Press representatives who receive embargoed material from the ISTH understand that it is for their individual use and will not distribute the embargoed information to anyone else prior to the embargo release.

  • Embargoed materials include - but are not limited to - original journal articles, abstracts from scientific meetings, written news releases, audio news releases, video news releases, slides and any other materials associated with the scientific information being presented or published.


Embargo Policy: Click Here

  • Embargoed materials as well as results and information related to sessions at any meeting or event organized by the ISTH are strictly confidential and cannot be disclosed in any manner or for any purpose prior to the lifting of the embargo by the ISTH.

  • The information contained in the abstracts is embargoed until the abstracts are available online. Coverage of information that goes beyond that which is contained in the four corners of the abstract (e.g., additional analysis, commentary, or updated information from those individuals and companies involved in the study) is embargoed according to the following criteria: For oral presentations: the embargo time is the start time of the session in which the presentation is being made. For poster presentations: the embargo lifts when the poster session containing the poster opens for viewing in the morning (i.e., when the poster hall opens that day).

  • The ISTH 2022 Virtual Press Room tab of the website should be consulted for updated embargo information. For any questions related to embargoes, contact the ISTH for clarification prior to releasing the information.


Press Release Submission

Submit industry press releases and materials for the onsite and virtual Press Room to the ISTH 2022 Media Manager, Melissa DiMercurio, at Following the 24-hour review period, the ISTH staff will notify you that your release has been accepted for posting.


Materials must also meet the following criteria:​​

  • Press releases must prominently display the corresponding abstract number(s) at the top of the first page. 

  • Press releases cannot be updated once they are posted, but they can be removed with a simple email request to the Virtual Press Room Manager.

  • Press releases must directly relate to meeting abstracts and fully adhere to ISTH embargo policies.

  • Press packets, and promotional/marketing materials (corporate reports, product promotions, giveaways) are prohibited.

  • ISTH’s logos and/or graphic representations of the ISTH’s name or Congress name may not be used without written permission.

  • The deadline to submit a press release to the ISTH 2021 Virtual Press Room is July 5. Late-breaking abstract media resources should be submitted by July 9. Submissions made after these deadlines cannot be guaranteed posting when the embargo lifts, but will still be posted in the Virtual Press Room as staff time allows.


Photo and Video Rules:

  • Presenters are the sole proprietors of the content they disclose at ISTH events (data, photographs, slides, etc.) It is the responsibility of presenters or speakers to notify the audience of any restrictions on photographing the content they are presenting. The announcement must be made at the beginning of each presentation.

  • Video or audio recording during a scientific presentation or session is strictly prohibited.

  • Video recording or image capture in the virtual exhibition is strictly forbidden.

  • Any public dissemination of photos or videos taken at an ISTH must include the event.

  • The official ISTH trademark and/or logo may not be added without ISTH prior written approval.

  • Any video transmission or webcast from an ISTH event must adhere to the Embargo Policy.



ISTH and/or affiliated trademarks including the ISTH 2022 logo are the property of the ISTH. They cannot be used, reproduced or associated with any article or press release without the prior written permission of the ISTH. Signing of the ISTH Media and Embargo Policy is a prerequisite for Press Registration (whether online or on-site). The ISTH does not make its press database or registration lists available to third parties. 

Quick Links

The Press Room (Suite 2) & Press Briefing Room (Suite 3) are Located at ICC London Suites, Level 0, East Entrance

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